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ASB (Advanced Scoreboards) was founded on a simple idea, to create software that saves time, instead of wasting it. We started off with the intent to create a tournament software within the golf industry that was fast and easy to use, but ASB quickly became involved in two unique areas of the Golf Industry.
TaskTracker was envisioned by Gerald Flaherty a Certified Golf Course Superintendent and created by PGA Professional, Jaime Sharp. TaskTracker is designed to track one of your biggest expenses - LABOR.

TaskTracker replaces your current hand written job board with an E-work board. Entering employee tasks are easier than writing them on the whiteboard. TaskTracker saves all of your job boards to the Cloud and then uses that information to generate detailed and useful reports on which areas and which tasks received the most labor dollars. TaskTracker can help you budget and then help justify your labor expenses. All that you have to do is enter the data into the app and stop writing it down on the board.
MarketBoards create a unique marketing experience. MarketBoards are displayed on HDTVs and their content is streamed via the web. Imagine your website as a digital billboard where you can decide what information is displayed. The best part about marketBoards is that they do not require a separate management system. ASB works with your existing website host to stream relevant data to the marketBoard system.
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